Sunday, March 01, 2009

So, been a while...

It turns out I am a bad blogger.  Who knew??  (Ok, all of y'all...)

I've had a couple of thoughts about recent events in the life of yours truly...I thought I would take this time to share...

1.  Working in the dorms = weirdest job EVER.  I mean, it is turning out to be Law and Order: SVU style.  Let's review: kid with short term memory disorder (I fondly call him Memento Kid) that I keep having to give terrible news to...repeatedly because he doesn't remember it; girl who had a BABY in the BATHROOM because she didn't KNOW she was PREGNANT (it is safe to assume I m raising my volume with the caps...I raised my volume a lot on this one); kid I had committed because he was hiding thing in ceiling tiles...  WEIRD.

2.  I'm not sure this Ph.D. thing is worth the application process.   BLECH.

3.  Lori (Shelton from back in the day...) and I are now the OKC Area Phi Mu Alumnae Membership Chairs.  We have no idea what we're doing and we're slightly not convinced we're old enough.. remember when all alums were OLD?  We're OLD now!?!?!!!

4.   I am recently obsessed with the TV show Bones.  And the British version of The Office.  Also, did you know you can watch tv for free--all tv, not just whatever the networks might have--on  The things my staff teaches me!  

5.  I need an iPhone.  Possibly to watch

6.  I recently converted to Dave Ramsey's "cash only" lifestyle in an attempt to figure out how to manage my money and how much I have.  Turns out still don't know and not enough.  :)

7.  I am considering getting rid of my DVR and digital cable.  I KNOW.  But I think it might be eating my life...

8.  I am not sure everyone who reads my blog (all three of you) know that I rub my eyebrow off when I get stressed.  JK... the three of you all knew that... anyway, huge hole in it now from taking the GRE.  Left eyebrow is for sure MIA.

9.  I need to know the difference between wine chic and nautical buttons.  Napa in May is potentially the girls trip of a lifetime and I am concerned about the wardrobe.  I mean, not THAT concerned, it IS going to be an educational experience in alcohol...

10.  I don't really have a 10 but I don't like ending on 9...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Whole New Year

So my mother has been after me for updating my blog... something that has clearly not been made a huge priority the last few months!  MY BAD.

OK, so we're out with the old in 2008 and in with the new.  That means it is the season of good intentions and resolutions, right?  Right.  I have never been fab at resolution making; it seems like a lot to set goals for an entire year.  I'm much more comfortable with small goals that I get to see the end of.  So this year I am making some promises I am pretty sure I can keep...

This year...
  • I promise to spoil my nephews not quite rotten, but certainly lots.
  • I promise to call everyone more.  (Abby is somewhere cringing.)
  • I promise to enjoy Napa in the spring, Michigan and Ocean City in the summer and football season in the fall.
  • I promise to look really hard at starting my Ph.D.  Look real hard.
  • I promise to watch more movies and read more books instead of internet shopping.
  • I promise to do less of the stuff I don't want to do--unless it is work related and then Mama needs PAID so that stuff stays.  

OK, those are some things I can stick with.  Probably.  We'll see.

Any fab resolutions in your new year?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Wild Rumpus of the Future

Tonight I had BOTH boys in a Wild Rumpus of the future.  Why of the future?  THEY WERE BOTH HERE.  It is a lot harder to do things with one arm and Max for REAL did not want to go to sleep, but we had a great time!  Theo made a turkey from his hand--but he didn't really get that turkey part--and a tree of things he is thankful for.  And he wrote HIMSELF.  It was very exciting.  We also used the photo booth on the mac to show our friend Natalie how great Max looks in the onsie she made.  She has a new shop on etsy and I dig it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Safe Trick or Treat 2008

Every year the Housing Center Student Association hosts a Safe Trick or Treat for the Norman community to trick or treat a dorm and play at a Carnival. It is always a hoot and this is the first year I haven't been in charge of it so I was excited to play as a spectator.

Andrea brought the boys down in their pumpkin patch costumes--OMG!--and the CCs all dressed up as crayons for the day. We Trick or Treated, we played, and we ate a GREAT meal at the Couch Restaurants Annual "Dark Meal."

All in all... SUCCESS!

Here were 3/4 of the crayons...
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We were a little more ready this time. It was the cheeks. The cheeks did it:
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We weren't ready. And for all of those playing along at home I would assume that this look was directed at Kyle. :)
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So can we please talk about how cute THIS is? Can't even stand it.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

La Casa

So I am almost ready to post house pictures. You all know how I am...very impatient for things to NOT be a work in progress and just be done for the love of everything already. And I don't like before and afters. Not my friend.

My friend Larissa moved out this past weekend after her "I need somewhere to stay for July" two and ahalf month visit. It was cool, she and her sister bought a house so she had to wait for closing day. But that means I got my whole house back...

I think the "guest room" has officially become the boys' room. Partially because Theo refuses to call it anything other than "MY ROOM" even when Larissa was staying in it and partially because the toys have outgrown the bin and so are now artfully gracing a bookshelf. Attention Theo and Max: I think I need some artwork from the two of you for the top of the bookshelf...Wouldn't that be cool? So that room is 3/4 done. Sort of.

The BEST part: I bought matching bookshelves, put them all together myself, and FINALLY unpacked my books. Oh, how I've missed my books. And they look GREAT in their new shelves. So the office is about 3/4 done. Sort of.

AND I got the swatches from the furniture company I am in lvoe with. Somehow my taste has far outrun my checkbook--shocking, I know--and I need to find someone else who will make me a loveseat that doesn't cost more than my car is worth. I'm funny like that.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's--Yet Again--Football Time in OKLAHOMA.

So most of you reading this sad little attempt at a blog understand my football fever. You know that I watch ALL football and am a true fan of the sport as well as specific teams. I have been watching pre-season nonsense and even found myself watching Rutgers v. Louisville yesterday like it was important to me.

But there is something different about Oklahoma football (caveat: different for a Sooner; I assume it is run of the mill for those not bleeding crimson [side note: coincidence that EVERYONE bleeds crimson? I think not.].) So I'd like to give a little run down of my next 3 months of life...

August 30: OU v. Tennessee-Chattanooga, (W, 57-2)
So we played a cupcake. A big one. OK, so we played a high school cupcake. Everyone has a cupcake on their schedule and these things happen. I will blame the BCS for taking strength of schedule out of rankings because blaming the BCS is universally accepted practice.

September 7: OU v. Cincinnati
Not as big of a cupcake. They almost won the Big East last year, and while the Big East is no Big XII, still a respectable match up.

September 13: OU at Washington
Anytime a Sooner travels to the Pac 10 everyone should feel a shiver of dread because those people are slightly shady. Pac 10. Hah. THEY USE THEIR OWN REFS AT HOME IN INTER CONFERENCE PLAY! Ok, got that out...

September 27: OU vs. TCU
Ah, the giant killer. Don't think we've forgotten the home opener loss TCU! Don't think we have! WE HAVEN'T!

October 4: OU at Baylor
Oh Bears, will you ever beat anyone in the Big XII ever again? Could we please trade you for Arkansas and have a CRAZY good South region?

October 11: OU vs. Saxet, Dallas
No words needed. Must win.

October 18, OU vs. Kansas
Now this should be FASCINATING. We haven't played Kansas for Homecoming since I was the HC chair in 2004 and then it was a gimme. Mangino? Are you threatening to eat more babies if they don't win? Can you repeat last year? CAN YOU?

October 25, OU at Kansas State
The team that has knocked off South perennial powerhouse Texas not once but TWICE in two years also serves as Stoops former home. Should be a game of it....

November 1, OU vs. Nebraska
Nebraska at home. It does not get much better for historically trained Sooners; my Papa has been nothing if not thorough in my education of hating Nebraska.

November 8, OU at Texas A&M
Let's face it, playing in College Station is not high on anyone's fun list. They have tricks! The stadium sways! It's not right!

November 22: OU vs. Texas Tech
So the Tech quarterback threw for over 500 yards in Tech's first outing this year. That's not right; those are Madden numbers not real live game things. So we're going to need at least one more safety in the secondary....

November 29: OU at Oklahoma State
Oh Bedlam, will you be moved to Thanksgiving Day and ruin our family holiday? Perhaps.

December 6: Big XII Championship in Kansas City
Who will we meet? Will it be you Missouri and your upstart Heisman candidate with a bad attitude? Will it be you Kansas with your "it wasn't a fluke" chip on your shoulder? Ron Prince, is this your year? WHO WILL IT BE???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I promise I am not dead.

Who knew that getting this many people crammed into a building was so freaking hard?

Things I learned last week and this week:
  • If you tell a rude girl you are in a sorority and she is going through rush she not only straightens up but her mom considers slipping you cash. No actual bribery ensued, but man oh man the attitude changes...
  • Keys have key codes on them. Apparently for a reason.
  • 300 wet Pride members and their parents don't want to hear that we are out of bed loft kits...
  • It only rains in August when you need it to NOT rain in August.
  • A staff of 25 undergraduates will move heaven and earth for you if you put pizza on your credit card at 11 pm.
  • Putting the wrong labels on the wrong packets with the wrong keys 400 times creates some work on the back end. Sort of a lot of work.
  • The "be professional and don't cuss in front of your staff" rule does not apply before 7 am and after midnight.
  • I can exist on a lot less sleep and a lot less food than previously discovered. Yeah people, LESS THAN RUSH.
  • Telling a mom that said bed loft kit is not considered a maintenance emergency does not make said wet Pride parent happy. Sort of at all.
  • Having your birthday in the middle of all of this is NOT FAIR. Worse than rush.

This job is hard and I hope I will come out of this cave of work soon. I promise I will return phone calls, see my long lost nephews, and generally be a better person...around about September probably...